Dr. Maria Cuartero

Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD in Chemistry (2014), MSc in Advanced Chemistry (2009) and  Bachelor in Chemistry (2008)


Maria comes from Murcia. “I am now involved in several projects at Crespo’s group and I am leading a new research-line based on ‘Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM)’ using modified nanosensors for drug delivery platforms. Important fundamental work to do and an exciting topic to explore before diving into new applications. In addition, I am accomplishing the MSCA project VolThinSens”.


Dr. Marc Parrilla

Postdoctoral Researcher

PhD in Nanotechnology (2016), MSc in Biotechnological Industry (2011) and Bachelor in Biotechnology (2010).


Marc comes from Barcelona and his main scientific contribution is based on printed electrochemical devices for wearable and point of care sensors. Aiming for sensing technologies that can solve societal issues.


Dr. Rocío Cánovas Martínez 

Postdoctoral Researcher

PhD in Nanoscience, Materials and Chemical Engineering (2018), MSc in Health Biotechnology  (2014) and Bachelor in Biotechnology (2012).


Rocío comes from Seville, Spain. She is working with chemical biosensors for healthcare applications.

Lijun denim

Dr. Lijun Chai

Postdoctoral Researcher

PhD in Ethanol Permselective Membranes


Lijun comes from China. “My motivation in science is the curiosity to explore and develop new things, enjoying the excitement of discovering or creating new things”.

Kequan_2018 grey

Kequan Xu

Ph.D Student

MSc in Materials Science and Engineering (2016) Bachelor in Polymer Science and Engineering (2013)


Kequan comes from China.”Welcome to the world of ions. How to detect us, how to know how much of us, how to differentiate us in an efficient way. If you are interested in these topics, so do I and I’m also working on them. “

For more information on my research, press here.


Alexander Wiorek

Ph.D student

MSc in Molecular Science and Engineering (2018), Bachelor in Chemical science and engineering (2018)


Alex comes from Sweden  and is working on both the exploration of novel strategies based on polyaniline chemistry and understanding the associated electrochemical mechanisms.

Yujie Liu - Denim

Yujie Liu

Ph.D Student

MSc in Molecular Science and Engineering (2019), Bachelor in Applied chemistry (2017)


Yujie is researching spectroelectrochemical detection of cations based on conductive polymers.

Previous members of the group can be found here.

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