The Innovation Funnel

The vision of our group is to take an idea from concept to reality by converging to a specific product or process that can meet a market need in an economical, sustainable and user-friendly manner.

Hence, our role as a leader in Academia starts with the exploration and findings of a broad range of inputs from fundamental science. This is the first step in the Research and Innovation process. Subsequently, the understanding of the basic phenomena will allow us to apply the scientific advances to technological ideas that will focus on solving societal challenges. Thus, this concept can be illustrated as a converging funnel (above).

Our aim it the generation and screening of alternative research options to find the best approach to move to the next level of the funnel. This progress will allow developing new solutions and tools close to a product concept. Overall, a variety of different fundamental ideas enter the funnel for investigation, but only a fraction become part of a full-fledged development project.

It is crucial to find the right partners to successfully accomplish the whole process.  Therefore, research institutes, start-up companies, SMEs must be involved along the way in order to mature the technology and return back the initial investment that our group performs in terms of knowledge, time and funds. At the end, the cycle of research and innovation must be closed and let the exploitation of the technology done by the suitable actor along the value chain.