From left: Renato Gil, Juan José García Guzmàn, Bibiana Fernàndez Pérez, Clara Pérez Ràfols, Alexander Wiorek, Emil Ekelund, Xing Xuan, Adam Kutnar, Yujie Liu, Qianyu Wang, Mehdi Jalali, Gaston Crespo, Kequan Xu, Noemi Colozza & Song Bae

Welcome to the Crespo research group at the Royal Institute of Technology situated in the lovely Stockholm city! During 2019, we have been recruiting outstanding researchers in early and mid-career as well as motivated Ph.D. students. Would you like to be the next one?

What is our interest? We develop fundamental electrochemical and optical concepts to be integrated into ‘chemical sensors’ aiming to solve current problems in healthcare, environment, wellness, food among others.


Mar 2020

The Crespo Research Group has always been working with reducing inequalities, and we would like to cement this pursue by highlighting the programs WOP@KTH and WIS Mentor Program.
For a quick overview, we have updated our own webpage with information from these organization, along with a lecture about equality. For more information click here.