Welcome to the Crespo research group at the Royal Institute of Technology situated in the lovely Stockholm city! During 2017, we have been recruiting outstanding researchers in early and mid-career as well as motivated Ph.D. students. Would you like to be the next one?

What is our interest? We develop fundamental electrochemical and optical concepts to be integrated into ‘chemical sensors’ aiming to solve current problems in healthcare, environment, wellness, food among others.


Nov 2018 

We like to thank Inma Ortiz for the hard work she put in over the last 6 months and we wish her good luck as she continue her PhD back at University of Granada. 

Congratulations Rocío for being awarded a two-year postdoc fellowship by the ALFONSO MARTÍN ESCUDERO FOUNDATION. We are happy to have her in the group for another two years, starting January 2019.




Oct 2018 

Welcome to two new group members, Yujie Liu and Amine Marchoud. Yujie is a master student at the program molecular science and engineering here at KTH. She is here to do her master thesis work in electroluminescence for analytical applications. 

Yujie Liu - Denim

Amine is an intern from ENCPB Paris, France. He is at his second year of the program BTS in chemistry professions. He will work on optimizing parameters in stripping voltammetry.

Amine Marchoud - Denim

 Sep 2018 

–Maria attended the annual meeting with the other EU members of the Marie Curie fellowship. 


 July 2018 

Welcome Lijun Chai, a new postdoctoral member.

Lijun denim


Welcome Inmaculada Ortiz, a visting PhD student from University of Granada, Spain. She will be working with us for 6 months, developing wearable sensors.


May 2018 

-Welcome Rocío Cánovas Martínez, a new postdoctoral member with a Biotechnology background! She will focus on research in analytical applications that can improve healthcare and societal wellbeing.


Mar. 2018 

–’All-Solid-State Potentiometric Sensors: A New Wave for In Situ Aquatic Research’has been accepted in Journal Current Opinion in Electrochemistry.

-A new Analytical Chemistry contribution entitled ‘In Situ Detection of Macronutrients and Chloride in Seawater by Submersible Electrochemical Sensors’ has been published. Beautiful paper Maria Cuartero! 

Feb. 2018 

A huge acknowledge to Wenner-Gren foundation for providing economical support to our exciting research direction conducted by Maria Cuartero and Crespo’s group entitled: ‘Light-Driven Smart Surfaces as a new wave of Electrochemical Sensors’.

A giant congratulations to Maria Cuartero! A new Marie Curie International Fellow joints KTH and Crespo’s group.

Welcome Marc Parrilla, a new postdoctoral member with a Biotechnology background! Screen-printing electrodes for medical and fitness applications will be his tasks.

Group meeting on the Badminton court.

Jan. 2017

–Gaston ranks first in a highly competitive Spanish grant of ‘Attraction of Talents’ in Nanotechnology discipline!!!

–Welcome Alex Wiorek to Crespo’s group! Talented master students like Alex will enjoy doing research with us for 20 weeks.

Dec. 2017

Welcome Maria Cuartero to the Crespo group! We did good work in the past; and we will now do much better!! Thanks for choosing us!

-Gaston gives a talk at IMDEA materials: ‘Decentralized Chemical Sensing: From materials to real world applications’. Thanks Ruben Costa and Javier Llorca for your hospitality.

-Gaston met the ViceRector of Transference  and Entrepreneurship of Complutense of Madrid (Prof. Jose Pingarron). Thanks Jose for such a nice discussion about the current situation of Spanish research

Kequan Xu, Maria Cuartero and Gaston Crespo undertake key experiments at Elettra Synchrotron (Italy) in collaboration with Roland De Marco, John Bradley and Raymart Walker from USC, Australia.

Nov. 2017

–Congratulations Gaston for receiving a research Project Grant from the Swedish Research Council (VR)!!

Sep. 2017

–Welcome Kequan Xu! The first PhD student of the Crespo group! We are going to spend four extraordinary years doing break-grounding science! Thanks CSC-KTH agreement.

Jun. 2017

–Gaston gives a presentation in the International Conferences of Electrochemical Sensors (Matrafured 2017) entitled ‘Recent Advances in Thin Layer Ionophore-Based Membranes’.

  May. 2017

–Crespo’s group thanks Prof. Roland De Marco (USC, Australia) for staying one week with us. We  enjoyed writing papers about Synchrotron insightful outcomes.

 April. 2017

–Gaston gives his first lecture to undergraduate students at KTH. Chemical Analysis course, ‘Introduction to Potentiometry’. Nice feelings!

 Mar. 2017

–Gaston get to the School of Engineering in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health at KTH and creates his research group from ground! Welcome Gaston, we wish you all the best for your new professional goals!